Born and raised in Wetzlar, Germany in the countryside, Nina graduated in Fashion Design in ArtyModa Fashion School, Madrid in 1989.
Prior to that she studied literature at the Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany where she started to get involved in the fashion world working as a part-time model.

In Madrid, starting off with a kids collection and hats accessories, she continued selling her designs with a focus on women’s fashion.
In the early 90’s, Nina moved to Barcelona and continued selling her collections and also got interested in photography, which led her to attend courses at the Escuela Industrial de Barcelona and Central St.Martins School, in London.
By introducing photography into her work, Nina was able to apply screen printing methods to create bespoke graphic fabrics for her creations.
Collage both in fabric combinations and still life photography is a leading characteristic in her work.
More recently she’s gone back to her original love for accessories and now designs unique bags, handmade in Barcelona, Spain.

All of my bags and accessories are made from natural materials and part of the cruelty-free ethos